What Should I Major In? – Student Guide to Choosing a Major

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What should I major in? This is a burning questions for a lot of college students. A college major is a subject that students study to earn their degrees. It typically includes various courses and accounts for a large percentage of the degree requirements. A college major is also a second degree program or additional education on top of an original degree. Today, students must determine their college major by considering what they would like to study and the future careers they wish to pursue. Thanks to an increase in specializations, this process has become easier—but it still requires a fair amount of research.

What Should I Major in?

Because choosing a college major is so important to a student’s future, it should not be taken lightly. Students should understand the requirements for different majors, and they should also know what type of degree and career paths are available to them. This guide provides all the information on what a college major is and what it takes in choosing a major that serves personal interests and professional goals.

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What should I major in?

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